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What is a Market Evaluation?

A market evaluation is an analysis of the real estate market that a piece of property belongs to. Market evaluations are done to determine the value of a particular property (known as the subject property) – usually for the reasons of buying or selling real estate. Market evaluations are done with a specific area in mind, over a certain period of time and often other factors used to narrow down properties to compare to the subject property.

Marius Mitrofan often do market evaluations for clients or potential clients to determine the value of their clients’ home or a home that their clients are looking to buy. Market evaluations help home buyers compare potential properties so that they can figure out what price to offer on a home. Home sellers need market evaluations to understand list prices and how much to ask for their home when it gets listed.

Why Does It Matter?

There are so many factors that influence whether a home is purchased or sold and proper pricing is what makes that possible. Without market evaluations, it would likely be impossible to properly price a property. A market evaluation gives a buyer or a seller a starting point so that they can make an informed decision about buying or selling real estate.

The CMA report is complimentary, comes with no obligations, and is essential to setting a competitive asking price.  The right price is crucial to achieving a successful sale and is helpful during negotiations, as concrete facts will help justify your asking price. It is very important to compare homes that are similar and to ensure that the value is adjusted accordingly when comparing finished basements, upgrades and the overall condition of the property. 

If you are renovating your home, this can also help provide you an idea of how much value certain renovations will add to your home.  This will help you renovate with confidence and renovate the areas of your home that will help increase its value. 

When listing your home for sale, pricing your home incorrectly from the start can end up costing you thousands of dollars and months of frustration.

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